Personal Data:

Born in Charlottenlund, Denmark on the 27th of April

Married to Ulf Bech Christensen



PhD in Biophysics, Master of Science, major in Molecular Biology, major in Physics. 


Post-graduate employment:

July 2013 -                                                  Post doc at National Institutes of Health in Jennifer

                                                                  Lippincott-Schwartz' laboratory, Bethesda, Maryland, USA   

October 2012 -                                             Post doc at Aarhus University in Lene Nejsum's laboratory, Aarhus, Denmark

April 2010 - September 2012                          Post doc in DaMBIC, University of Southern Denmark.

October 2009 - January 2010                        Visiting Ph.D student in Professor Paul Wisemann's laboratory at the McGill University, Montreal , Canada

June 2006 - March 2010                               Ph.D student in Professor Ole Mouritsens’ MEMPHYS - Centre for Membrane Physics at The University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Odense Campus, Department of Physics and Chemistry

November 2005 – May 2006                           Research assistant in Professor Roger Reddel’s laboratory at the Children’s Medical Research Institute at The University of Sydney (USYD), Westmead Hospital Campus


March 2010                                                  PhD in Biophysics concluded with the thesis: "Single Quantun Dot Imaging -

Quantification of Spectral Characteristics of Quantum Dots and Multicolour Imaging of Membrane Proteins and Lipids in Live Cells"  

October 2005                                              Master of Molecular Biology and Physics concluded with the project: “Molecular basis of perturbed lamin A in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria” at USYD with the grade 10

July 2003                                                    Bachelor in Molecular Biology concluded with the biophysical project: “Liposome mediated cellular uptake of natural and modified antisense oligo deoxynucleotides” at SDU



July 2007                                                    Poster prize at European Biophysics Congress, London, United Kingdom

May 2007                                                    Winner of Spectral Conflict Competition at Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscpy; Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Boston, USA


Teaching Activity:

February 1999 – January 2007                       Physics and Molecular Biology for undergraduate Science students at SDU

February 2005 – May 2005                            Laboratory course in Biochemistry for second year Biomedicine students at USYD


Talks and seminars                                                                                 

October 2009                                               McGill University, Department of Physics, Montreal, Canada

June 2009                                                    Annual meeting in association of Physics at the Technical University Denmark

February 2009                                              Danish National Research Foundation site visit in Odense

September 2008                                            BioNET meeting, Århus, Denmark

June 2008                                                    Holbæk, Denmark

March 2008                                                  Lund Sweden

January 2008                                               Chennai, India

August 2007                                                 KU, Copenhagen, Denmark

May 2007                                                     Holbæk, Denmark

October 2006                                               BioNET meeting, Odense, Denmark


Conference and workshop Activities:

November 2011                                              Organizer of and lecturer in Ph.D. course "Fluorescence and Photonics", SDU  

November 2010                                             Organizer of Life in 4D - Bioimaging in Space and Time meeting in Helsingør, Denmark

December 2009                                             Annual meeting of the American Association of Cell Biology, San Diego, California

November 2008                                             Organizer of joint meeting between MEMPHYS and Physical Chemistry 1, Lund in Odense

May 2008                                                     Organizer of phd workshop, Holbæk, Denmark

March 2008                                                  Organizer of joint meeting between MEMPHYS and Physical Chemistry 1, Lund in Lund

February 2008                                               American Biophysics annual meeting, Long Beach, California

August 2007                                                  EMBO Workshop: New Methods in Membrane Protein Research; Stockholm, Sweden

July 2007                                                     European Biophysics Congress, London, UK

November 2006                                              Surface and Colloid Symposium, Lund, Sweden

October 2006                                                Annual meeting for Association of Biochemistry, Avernæs, Denmark

February 2006                                               Lorne Cancer Conference, Lorne, Australia

August 2003                                                  Organizer of International Conference for Physics Students (ICPS) in Odense, Denmark

August 1999-2002                                          ICPS in Helsinki, Finland, Zadar, Croatia, Dublin, Ireland, Budapest, Hungary


PhD Courses:

October 2008                                                 Monitoring Biochemical Interactions in Living Cells, Heidelberg, Germany

January 2008                                                 The Interface of life, Computer simulations, Chennai, India

September 2007                                               Molecular Biophysics, a cross institutional course in Denmark and Sweden

May 2007                                                       Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy; Boston, USA

May 2007                                                       Membrane proteins: Structure, stability and folding; Ålborg, Denmark

September 2006                                              Smmer School on Biophysics: Supramolecular Structure and Function; Rovinj, Croatia     

June 2006                                                        Advanced applied fluorescence microscopy; Odense, Denmark

May 2005                                                         Introduction to Confocal Microscopy; Sydney, Australia

October 2003                                                   Spectroscopy of Nanosize Particles and Nano surfaces; Ålborg, Denmark

September 2003                                                Summer school in Metabolism; Middelfart, Denmark



January 2007                                                    Awarded Lundbeck’s (Copenhagen) travel grant

August 2005                                                      Awarded Krista and Viggo Mogensen’s scholarship

August 2005                                                      Awarded Human Genetic Signatures’ (Sydney) Education Grant

June 2005                                                         Awarded Highschool of Virum’s travel scholarship     

February 2005                                                   Awarded Doctor Else Mogensen’s travel scholarship

November 2004                                                  Awarded Danske Bank’s travel scholarship

December 2004                                                  Awarded University of Southern Denmark’s travel scholarship

January 2004                                                    Awarded Novo Nordic scholarship



June 2009 -                                                       Board member of the Danish Association of Biochemistry

July 2007- March 2010                                       Founder of Philos- The PhD Network at the Faculty of Science at SDU

September 2006- October 2009                           Secretary for the Graduate School for Molecular Biophysics

August 2006 - January 2009                                Member of the phd study board at the faculty of science at SDU







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